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Just Dylan and Cole with Bubba.



Dylan and Cole Sprouse born on born August 4, 1992 in Arezzo, Tuscany, Italy.

The boys known to be the ones who ran around the hotel lobby causing dilemma

HAppy 20th Birthday, Dylan and Cole

‘Happy 20th Birthday Dylan and Cole Sprouse!’

As we all know these guys who won our hearts today is their birthday. Now they have twenty years old. Twenty years old. A big number for these guys that we saw grow with The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. Thanks to them my childhood was full of laughter and sometimes sadness. Thank you October 12, 2005. No. My childhood isn’t over. Will always remain with them until they’re over a hundred years old. Like the song say: 

Turn the page, take a pen and sign your name hold on to your picture
Write a wish, that will always stay like this, yeahhh sprouser friends forever
This is not goodbye, time to write the next chapter of our lives
Can’t erase yesterday we’ll remember it always
We started something that won’t never end
Now let’s write the next chapter of our lives

I decided to love them once and I’ll always keep my word. I’m proud to say that I grew up with them. Although they’re now in college, get married or have children, they’ll always have me as a fan. As a Sprouser. 

~With love, one of their many Sprousers




Happy 20th Birthday, Dylan and Cole!